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The Imperial FX Academy “Signals” subscription packages, and "Online Course, One on One Course, Online Seminar, In Person Course" are non-refundable. Imperial FX Academy will assume that you wish your subscription to start immediately and that you consent to Imperial FX Academy providing you with your subscription contents as soon as possible. 

The Imperial FX Academy “Signals” subscription is billed automatically each month unless cancelled by yourself. In order to cancel your subscription please do so via PayPal. You may also email austin@imperialfxacademy.com with your request. By subscribing to this package you therefore agree and consent to this. The Imperial FX Academy signal subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

The Imperial FX Academy “Online Course” packages are a one-time non-recurring upfront fee and will be active from the date of purchase and will expire at the end of the specified term. You are therefore unable to cancel mid-way through the term.

If you wish to cancel your Imperial FX Academy “Signals” subscription at any time please do so through the PayPal dashboard, or email austin@imperialfxacademy.com with your request. 


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